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Life University

Have you ever experienced a situation in your life and asked yourself, “What on Earth was that all about? I certainly didn’t deserve that!”?

In American culture, we learn early on that there are many tests and quizzes we have to take in order to move up to the next level, whether it is for school or work. Even as little children we are tested and evaluated. When a baby begins to walk, a mommy will slowly let go to see how many steps he can take before falling, sometimes, flat on his face. As a baby, hopefully, there is not too much thought put into this, and we just stand back up and try again. I am pretty sure that not too many babies would give up at that point, stay there on their bottoms, and try to analyze why mommy would let go or ask why isn’t walking easier since it would create so much more freedom…….

As adults, we spend quite a bit of time asking “why?” and “how come?”.  Life does not come with multiple choice answers either, so even more time is used trying to come up with more than one possible solution, just in case…. Why, do you suppose, people do this to themselves? Besides the fact that American children are so used to having to take tests with definitive answers, we often take circumstances too personally. “Why would she say that to me? How come she has such a great circle of friends? Why do things come so easily for him and he doesn’t even appreciate it? Why isn’t that me? What am I doing wrong? What is the lesson I am supposed to learn from all of this crap?” Hmmmmm.

Life is school. We don’t graduate by a certain date or after so many years at a particular level. Experience and learning are all relative to the individual. It might take a person 20 unhappy break-ups to finally realize she is dating the wrong kind of man. Only then, for this person, can she graduate to a new pool of suitors. For other people, one or two unhealthy relationships are enough to learn this lesson. Time to move onward and upward, girlfriend!

Stressing about the answers to “why?” questions takes our focus off of the moment and removes us from the natural flow of being. The answer, or lesson, doesn’t have to be figured out immediately after the test; there are no grades or time limits per say. Fixated on the “why?” will definitely keep you from actually hearing the answer. Obsession and anxiety will block the solution.

Learning depends solely on the individual. One thing is for sure, the same lesson keeps coming around until we do finally understand its meaning. So, it’s best to accept that there is a lesson to learn but remain in the flow of life, be present in the moment, open and allow, and then feel how easily the answer is revealed to you. Lesson learned! Oh, and remember to breathe!


Healing is a Committment and a Process


When I recall hearing the words, “You have cancer,” I remember wanting to fall to the floor. I felt and heard my heart beating like never before. Everything seemed to turn into slow motion. The unexplainable emotions grip the soul, the sleepless nights, the pacing in the dark, that feeling of forgetting to breathe all took hold pretty quickly. The first few nights I spent walking around in the dark, feeling lost, scared, and confused, similar to being lost in a corn maize with no visible way out. I even started to watch tele-evangelists at 3 in the morning, searching for hope and words from God. There were some moments I felt as if they were talking directly to me. Yes, I received some helpful words of wisdom tuning into the 700 Club! We filter and take in what we need, right? At that moment, at 3 in the morning, I heard words that helped me get through the night.

7 years ago now seems like a life time ago. I immediately found personal support, books, and alternative healing. Incredible women like Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue kept my head up high and my positive thoughts streaming through my head day and night. I stopped pacing and kept reading and calling in the light. At night when I could not sleep, I meditated and called in every color of the rainbow, each with its own healing frequency.  I asked everyone I knew to send prayers. I felt those prayers and kept on leaping forward through every obstacle. I surrounded myself with loving, compassionate people, some healers who gave me tools for life. My Reiki Master, and her Reiki Share Circles, that was my true place of healing and solace. The love and support I found there was immeasurable and gave me all I needed that year. Friends. Nurture. Support. Love.

What I learned then, and continue to apply to my life to this day, is that healing doesn’t end. It is a lifelong process. Scars often remain, physically and emotionally. There are lessons to be learned from dis-ease and tragedy. I will sometimes read or hear about someone with cancer or in an abusive relationship or having had a loved one pass away. This brings me back to my own experiences , a sign that it is time to revisit a situation, to go back and see if there is more to learn from it. Well, today I did just that. I read a blog that shared how to get through the hard times after hearing one has cancer. It was what I was planning on writing about today. But then I discovered something else. Part of the blog discussed being aware of what your body is telling you when it is in pain.

I looked back on the first few weeks after receiving my news, and tried to distinguish what my body was experiencing. I revisit the anguish. It is shocking to recognize that where my body felt fear and anxiety was my heart! I honestly sit here for the first time and am aware of this new piece of information that my subconscious mind is now revealing to me. It is now 7 years later and I am happy, healthy, and teaching Reiki and Angelic Healing to adults and children all over Portland, Oregon. I sit here right now and realize I have some more healing to do and it wasn’t at all what I expected. Heart, we have some work to do. I love you and will never again ignore you.

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Distance Reiki Healing


Distance Reiki is real and powerful. It is like sending prayers and blessings to others anywhere in the world. Have you ever sent a prayer to a loved one? I’ve received them, when I had cancer and was in Boston undergoing surgeries, and felt the love and peace from friends and family all around the country. Yes, Distance Reiki is like that, tangible and knows no boundaries.

From anywhere in the world, call for your Reiki healing today. Enhance your flow of life force energy within your body, alleviate physical and emotional pain, and connect to your own spiritual guidance. Reiki will assist you with moving with stability, focusing with much more clarity, and clear away energetic obstacles keeping you from going forward on your life path.

Wouldn’t you enjoy feeling free of old traumas and emotional baggage that weigh you down and no longer serve a purpose? If you have learned what it was there to teach you, or if you need clarity as to what the baggage/trauma was meant to demonstrate, Reiki healings can put your mind at ease so that you can hear the answers with your heart.

Reiki is a valuable personal healing tool that provides the receiver with an opportunity to be peaceful and still so that the physical and emotional body can adequately self regulate and balance itself.

Whether you are in the same room as the Reiki Practitioner, or miles and countries away, the healing from Reiki sessions are effective and palpable. Try a trial session or a full 1 hour treatment and experience healing as if we were face to face. Gift yourself with peace and stillness and discover a feeling of deep relaxation and clarity every time.

Gently and gracefully fall in sync with your body, mind, and soul. Namaste