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Distance Reiki Healing

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Distance Reiki is real and powerful. It is like sending prayers and blessings to others anywhere in the world. Have you ever sent a prayer to a loved one? I’ve received them, when I had cancer and was in Boston undergoing surgeries, and felt the love and peace from friends and family all around the country. Yes, Distance Reiki is like that, tangible and knows no boundaries.

From anywhere in the world, call for your Reiki healing today. Enhance your flow of life force energy within your body, alleviate physical and emotional pain, and connect to your own spiritual guidance. Reiki will assist you with moving with stability, focusing with much more clarity, and clear away energetic obstacles keeping you from going forward on your life path.

Wouldn’t you enjoy feeling free of old traumas and emotional baggage that weigh you down and no longer serve a purpose? If you have learned what it was there to teach you, or if you need clarity as to what the baggage/trauma was meant to demonstrate, Reiki healings can put your mind at ease so that you can hear the answers with your heart.

Reiki is a valuable personal healing tool that provides the receiver with an opportunity to be peaceful and still so that the physical and emotional body can adequately self regulate and balance itself.

Whether you are in the same room as the Reiki Practitioner, or miles and countries away, the healing from Reiki sessions are effective and palpable. Try a trial session or a full 1 hour treatment and experience healing as if we were face to face. Gift yourself with peace and stillness and discover a feeling of deep relaxation and clarity every time.

Gently and gracefully fall in sync with your body, mind, and soul. Namaste



Author: feel-the-healing

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Guidance Mentor with a healing business called Insync Energy and Intuitive Self-Care. I offer Reiki sessions, Chakra healings, Reiki training, Intuitive Development Mentoring, and courses that focus on women, self-esteem, intuition, and inner strength. After surviving cancer, I found that my path is to assist others on their road to healing and to teach them tools to wake up their own inner healers. Visit me at

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