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When we are in doubt, the times life seems to be the most challenging and unforgiving, there is a surefire way to reconnect to faith and all that truly matters. Nature in all its glory. Sit in on this show and listen to the sights and sounds of Mother Earth and all of creation. The many different songs of the birds, all so distinct, the lone butterfly enjoying nectar from the flowers, the breezes rustling the leaves, and that one beautiful rose blooming in the dead of winter.

All of these signs are a reminder of life, beauty, and sustenance that we have been given to honor, love, and cherish. They are reminders that we are not alone; everything and everyone works in conjunction with everything else.

There is a connectedness throughout all of nature bringing forth cohesive partnerships to uphold the promise of survival on Earth and of the Earth. Infinite Gratitude belongs to all players, big and small, seen and unseen. Together we stand to keep Her alive for we must live out our destiny.

Connecting to Mother Earth brings us back to the reality that the world is bigger than we are but still needs each of us to participate in ways, no matter how tiny a gesture, to protect Her. This gives each of us power and purpose for every breath we breathe into her atmosphere. Now, that is a reason to Live and Rejoice!!!!

If you are interested in discovering how to get started, how to quiet the mind and relax, so you can develop this deeper connection to nature and yourself, please contact me for a free 10 minute consultation:

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a glorious day filled with little miracles :),



Author: feel-the-healing

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Guidance Mentor with a healing business called Insync Energy and Intuitive Self-Care. I offer Reiki sessions, Chakra healings, Reiki training, Intuitive Development Mentoring, and courses that focus on women, self-esteem, intuition, and inner strength. After surviving cancer, I found that my path is to assist others on their road to healing and to teach them tools to wake up their own inner healers. Visit me at

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