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Exercising Emotional Health


There is so much talk and truth about the importance of physical health, exercise, and nutrition-the 3-D parts of us. There is an aspect of our bodies that go unnoticed, ignored, pushed way down deep hoping never to be seen again. Emotions, the voice of the heart, do not always have a place in our culture. But they have ended up being very rampant in their physical forms in countries across the world that do not give value to emotional health.

As a cancer survivor, I am here to tell you that those ignored parts of us do not disappear because we have turned our backs on them. When unaddressed, left to spoil while unattended to, an unresolved emotion finds a way to resurface, to get the attention of the soul who has denied it a voice.

Emotions tucked away have the potential to manifest as physical symptoms. Whether we do not have time to address them or risk societal backlash, emotions go unmet while the soul is still longing for recognition of them. Our emotional self is very much a part of the whole self, as significant to our health as the physical.

Negative or ignored emotions remain somewhere in the body, causing an energetic wedge that disrupts the vital flow of life force energy that is keeping us alive, nourishing all our body parts. This obstruction prevents our body from being fully and properly nourished on a physical level. Consider what it feels like when you try to keep from crying-something like a lump in the throat, often causing a pain in the heart and can take your breath away. Think how years and years of suppressing these emotions play havoc on you and your body.

My emotions that I did want to address, sadness and ager around my father leaving when I was little, always feeling like I wasn’t good enough or smart enough or pretty enough, they eventually had had enough of being ignored and unresolved! My body grew tired of trying to function inefficiently with all of the emotional wedges keeping my life force energy from flowing freely and healthy. It finally manifested as a cancer, right in the back of my heart chakra!

It wasn’t over night that I recognized them all. But as I recovered, I committed to retrieving the rest of them. I was quite finished with the idea of having to endure cancer again. Emotional health and healing is not quick or easy, but it can be simple. Self-care is the first step to emotional healing and health. What is self-care? However you feel taking care of ALL aspects of you can be accomplished. It is an easier road when you choose a modality that helps you uncover those unmet needs you have been ignoring, one of them most likely is caring for yourself ;-).

The work I offer as a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Self-Care Mentor is primarily to gently and compassionately guide you through your emotional AND physical healing, together, not separately. Insync Energy healing sessions are designed to assist you with finding which needs and emotions are calling you to acknowledge them. I create a safe and supportive space where we take an intuitive journey to your soul, your heart, and heal what has been holding you back, delaying proper health and happiness.

You can say YES to emotional healing and agree to cross that bridge. If not, you can jog, climb that stairmaster 7 days a week, take your supplements, and eat your veggies but still not reach your ultimate goal or feel fully satisfied. Under the muscles and heart rate and healthy pulse, lies an energetic and emotional heart waiting for its moment in the sun.

Insync Energy sessions can show you how to accomplish this holistic view of healing all aspects of you. Interested in learning how to create a healthy body from the physical you to the outer layers of your aura and soul? Visit and read about my unique and loving alternative to unhealthy emotional stagnation. It is time to heal and shine!

Live or via phone/skype, we can gently uncover those emotions waiting for a chance to speak their voice, be heard, and healed.

In Light and Joy,


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May Your Faith Never Waiver–Quest of Your Own Divine Perseverance


(Inspired by the heroes and their courage: Freedom Fighters 1776)

              Any monumental date in history is a lesson we can translate into our own lives. The fourth of July is no exception. Here is a moment in time, when against all odds, the rights and freedoms of a nation were at stake and the people did everything possible to gain their divine liberties.

              The determination and perseverance of this union would not waiver until it won. Were they frightened, doubtful, discouraged at times? Who wouldn’t be when so much was at risk, weapons involved, and the other side outnumbering them? The goal, freedom, was more important to them than even their lives for the preservation of the people and principle they served.

             Consider this when faced with fear or uncertainty. How much does it mean to you to achieve completion? Most often, not life-threatening but in some cases it is (if there is practice around a non-life-threatening experience, it may be easier to face something that is!). To recognize fear and doubt but to continue the devotion with grit and insistence is walking in faith and trust. This is especially so when the situation at hand is in regards to the rights we possess as divine beings a promise of eternal salvation when put upon this good earth.

              Now, I certainly do not normally quote or refer to the Bible. I am not religious but spiritual. So, my belief in God, Spirit, The Creator, The Universe is strong and I have faith in the power of God to do what is for the highest good. There are some great words found in the great Book-there is much of it that was channeled to those who wrote it. Choosing the quotes as I have used below are to point out what ALL God’s creatures have the divine right to receive, no exceptions.

              “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory…”. That’s Phillipians 4:19. Now notice, God has obligated Himself only to the extent of our needs. That would include food, clothing, shelter, companionship, love, and salvation.”

              In Corinthians 10:13. Jude wrote: “Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present your faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy” (Jude v 24). Darius, King of the Medes, said to Daniel, “Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee” (Daniel 6:16). He did deliver Daniel from the den of lions.”

               What are you seeking as a Divine Being given these rights and the freedom to live not in the den with lions but a life filled with plenty of food, clothing, shelter, companionship, and love? What will you do to ensure you have access to what the Universe has promised? A bigger question maybe, “Do you believe you are worthy of these divine privileges?

              You have been given life and therefore the power to create those circumstances which would bring forth all that we have been authorized to obtain. Will you face fear and the unknown to claim your truths and divine birthright?

         Courage, Faith, Trust, Compassion, Love, and Gratitude. These, I believe, are the 6 key ingredients for welcoming and ensuring you live your Divine Path. We can walk confidently in our shoes knowing it is all ours if we believe it to be so.

           Please visit and discover how energy work and intuitive mentoring can assist you with recognizing and embracing your own divine gifts and how to live a divinely happy life!

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Family Geneology: Healing Your Famiy’s Tree With Reiki


As I was meditating today, something I don’t always feel like doing, I had a very detailed thought I was told needed to be processed: “No matter how distant in your family tree someone is related to you, there has to be a reason for this connection.”

It seems logical that there is a link the Universe has created between you and these individuals. Of all the billions of people in the world, what does it mean to share your family’s specific DNA with certain people?

I have second cousins who carry with them the blood of my beloved grandparents yet do not remember their names or know where they live. In fact, because my father left when I was 6, I do not know or cannot recall a single relative from the paternal side of my own family.

Consciously, I do not urgently feel as if something is missing in my life or that these connections require healing so I can live out my life’s purpose. If we don’t know someone, how can we miss them or feel a loss? Yet, there they are, walking around and sharing my family tree, my blood, descendants of my ancestors.

Luckily, however, I have this amazing tool called Reiki. The benefits and purpose for Reiki are beyond comprehension. Not everybody, even people who are attuned to Reiki energy, are aware of everything Reiki can help and heal.

So, as I process this message, question really, about family ties from my meditation today, I can simply send Reiki healing to my entire family tree! How incredible is that? Or, in other words, what does that do? Since this question was brought to my awareness, there is obviously some sort of work I need to be doing around relatives, even those I do not know. If we are genetically connected, I am being told to get to work on it. Reiki heals relationships, situations, emotions, and energetic cords (as well as the physical body, of course).

By sending Spirit-Directed Life Force Energy (Reiki 😉 to everyone I am related to, my intention is that Reiki will heal and alleviate any discord in that genetic group(s). With this energetic magical flow of healing and high vibration light and love, which basically is Reiki, I hereby raise the frequency and amount of love in my family tree. And so it is.

Are you interested in learning more about Reiki and how, like in a situation such as disharmony somewhere in your family’s history, applying Reiki can help you with necessary healing to ensure a happier life?

Reiki has unlimited potential. My own experiences have proven that to me day after day.

Reiki can be received as a healing treatment or can be learned so one can begin healing themselves, friends, and family at home right away.

For more information, please visit

Thank you for reading! And if you have family issues, read more about Reiki and its potential to heal everything if you so intend.