Insync Energy, Reiki, and Chakra Healing

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Insync Energy and Intuitive Self-Care is where to visit when you would like to fulfill your emotional and spiritual needs. It is a safe and nurturing place to reset your intentions, purpose, and power.

As the founder of Insync, I am a compassionate and authentic healing facilitator and cancer survivor. Having gone to a place of unexplainable emotions and experiences, facing death and rebirth, it was shown to me that my calling is to reach out to community, locally and universally, with an answer, with hope, with love.

I invite you to join me in the miraculous gift called Life. The sessions and blog posts are filled with healing light and energy to assist you on Your path. Whether that involves simply reading my blog posts and/or visiting me for an Energy Healing session, you are welcome and truly appreciated.

Reiki, Chakra Healing, Intuitive Readings and Mentoring are all available from a distance via phone or Skype. Please visit my website for more information about sessions and classes at

Blessings, Light, and Love,


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