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Reiki and Shifting Attitudes Around Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, what I first noticed was the fear that is associated with it. Totally understandable. The fear in the doctor’s voice when she told me over the phone. The fear I felt in my gut when I heard the news. The look on my husband’s face when I hung up the phone.

What if we could approach it right from the beginning with a sense of positivity? Some of you may shake your heads or think it depends……I have seen the power of this attitude work on people with stage 4 cancer. The whole family can be involved and those who surround them.

Where does this start? At the doctor’s office. I speak from experience when I say the first order of business is the doctor preparing the patient for the worst case scenario. This is how they prepared me: “Expect pain, hair loss, loss of appetite, nausea, lack of energy, possible job loss if too many days/months are required to recuperate.” Basically, they were telling me, “Expect hell to take over your body and live with the uncertainty that once we remove it, there is no promise that it will not return.”

What if I said, excuse my language, “Fuck that!”? What if we all said that when doctors give some sort of death sentence or negative, hopeless outlook? What if the whole family said it??? And what if doctors did some research and were able to provide their patients with options, alternative therapies, alternative attitudes for that matter?

I’ll tell you what would happen. Hope, Empowerment, Faith, Trust, Courage, LIFE! Life would happen people. There are many choices out there that can shift the outcome, that can even put a positive spin on such an experience. And not only for the patient but for EVERYONE involved. Family, caretakers, counselors, nurses, and yes, even doctors.

What I chose, after doing my own research that first week of diagnosis, was a complementary medicine, meaning a therapy that aids any other form of treatment, was Reiki. This is a Japanese form of gentle hands-on healing that simply relaxes the stressed out, anxious body and mind. This allows the receiver of Reiki to take a break from the energy of fear and sorrow and hopelessness that surrounds cancer. Result of being able to relax? The body can do what it needs to in order to begin healing itself. Reiki can also be used to calm those who are supporting the patient. This is very important when establishing a healing community.

Reiki is for absolutely everyone. It does not have to be someone with cancer. Any illness, any reason for someone needing to relax, to feel better, to help with emotional pain. Reiki is simple and gentle. The hands-on aspect creates a nurturing, comforting sensation many need during such shocking life changes. Reiki prepares the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So, rather than just focusing on the sickness, loss, and pain from the traditional form of  ‘treatments’, I call for the patient to become her own advocate, her own source of hope and motivation. Begin with a positive, brave attitude and order some Reiki! Now, that would be a prescription that would really benefit the masses.

If you would like to learn more about how Reiki and I can assist you with your healing, and facing the journey ahead of you, please visit me at We can chat for a free 20 minute consultation or you can schedule a Reiki session and test it out for yourself.

What I want people to understand is that there are options. It doesn’t have to be JUST preparing for the worst. Research and find what resonates with you. Let’s do our homework and share with our doctors. Let’s bring to their attention that they can help turn this game around, too.

Reiki is also for animals experiencing pain, illness, stress, or life changes.

Blessings to you and may you find peace and support in all of your life’s experiences.


Love, Darlene

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Family Geneology: Healing Your Famiy’s Tree With Reiki


As I was meditating today, something I don’t always feel like doing, I had a very detailed thought I was told needed to be processed: “No matter how distant in your family tree someone is related to you, there has to be a reason for this connection.”

It seems logical that there is a link the Universe has created between you and these individuals. Of all the billions of people in the world, what does it mean to share your family’s specific DNA with certain people?

I have second cousins who carry with them the blood of my beloved grandparents yet do not remember their names or know where they live. In fact, because my father left when I was 6, I do not know or cannot recall a single relative from the paternal side of my own family.

Consciously, I do not urgently feel as if something is missing in my life or that these connections require healing so I can live out my life’s purpose. If we don’t know someone, how can we miss them or feel a loss? Yet, there they are, walking around and sharing my family tree, my blood, descendants of my ancestors.

Luckily, however, I have this amazing tool called Reiki. The benefits and purpose for Reiki are beyond comprehension. Not everybody, even people who are attuned to Reiki energy, are aware of everything Reiki can help and heal.

So, as I process this message, question really, about family ties from my meditation today, I can simply send Reiki healing to my entire family tree! How incredible is that? Or, in other words, what does that do? Since this question was brought to my awareness, there is obviously some sort of work I need to be doing around relatives, even those I do not know. If we are genetically connected, I am being told to get to work on it. Reiki heals relationships, situations, emotions, and energetic cords (as well as the physical body, of course).

By sending Spirit-Directed Life Force Energy (Reiki 😉 to everyone I am related to, my intention is that Reiki will heal and alleviate any discord in that genetic group(s). With this energetic magical flow of healing and high vibration light and love, which basically is Reiki, I hereby raise the frequency and amount of love in my family tree. And so it is.

Are you interested in learning more about Reiki and how, like in a situation such as disharmony somewhere in your family’s history, applying Reiki can help you with necessary healing to ensure a happier life?

Reiki has unlimited potential. My own experiences have proven that to me day after day.

Reiki can be received as a healing treatment or can be learned so one can begin healing themselves, friends, and family at home right away.

For more information, please visit

Thank you for reading! And if you have family issues, read more about Reiki and its potential to heal everything if you so intend.


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Free At Last!


Forgiveness. This is the real true tool to happiness and soul development.

What happens when we hold on to anger and resentment? Or spend precious time thinking about hurts and people that were involved? Sometimes even wishing they experience pain and suffering, too?

There is an energy that grips us when we hold on to anger of a person or situation. It literally wastes time and eats away at our soul and spirit. Anger and resentment can take hold of our heart and block good from coming our way. Energetically, it constricts and even blocks the flow of your life force that is designed to keep your physical body functioning effectively and properly.

Anger and resentment effect your body in all possible ways-emotionally, energetically, and even physically. Pain, tumors, heartburn, headaches-these are some common physical symptoms the body can develop as a result of hanging on to the emotional pain and anger.

Is it easy to let go no matter how much you felt wronged? Well, it isn’t easy but it is as simple or as complicated as we make it.

Can it happen over the course of a day or night? Actually, it can. If we have already been ready and willing. It can also take longer, depending on how many layers the anger has to be stripped away. One layer may come off and allow the lighter feeling of freedom to encourage us to delve deeper.

Here is a very effective exercise for facing and releasing anger so you can forgive and finally live again (or for the first time).

First, identify the anger. When you think of the cause, where do you feel it in your body?

Does it have a color or shape? Really observe its attributes and where it resides. Does it have a texture? What form or object can you associate with it? Take a few minutes in silence to concentrate on this place, sending green healing energy to it.

Once you feel less effected by its presence, ask if there was a lesson. Think of a gift or blessing it may have given to you. If it is too close to when it happened, the positive outcome may not be as recognizable.

Continue sending healing light to the area of your body where this anger is being stored. Gently consider what the lesson might be. Breathe deeply for a series of 5 inhales and exhales.

Now envision a tube-like connection from the bottom of your spine to the earth.

Go to your core, your stomach, which is the center of your being. Imagine a light, like a candle flame burning. Picture it getting bigger and brighter and warmer like the sun. This healing angelic light gently moves to where your body is holding on to this vibration of anger. The light envelopes this now physical energy and takes it to the bottom of your spine where this tube is waiting to collect what no longer serves you and sends it down into the earth. You can slowly breathe in and exhale enthusiastically as you give it extra force downward J.

For example, I had cancer. At first, I was angry and really scared. Then I sent all kinds of healing light and prayers to it. When I was less afraid and mad, I asked what it was really all about. It was no coincidence that I found Reiki at the same time. Receiving Reiki during a cancer journey was a miracle. A must share with everybody experiencing disease or pain or suffering of any kind! That is what it must be! The cancer lesson, the blessing, was that I must show others this healing miracle Reiki that is accessible to the whole world! Yes, even cancer can be forgiven and has the potential to be a blessing J.

Another very important lesson I learned about forgiveness and letting go of anger was something I held on to for over 40 years. This may be more relatable to those of you who have spent life times with anger and family problems.

I was 5 when my father left us and began a new life. What is a 5 year supposed to think when she sees her daddy with a new family? Not to say he didn’t try to see me, but again, what would a 5 year old feel and think as her father lived on with another daughter and new wife in toe?

I held on to this hurt and resentment most of my life. Until I started doing healing work, I hadn’t connected my insecurities and fear of abandonment with childhood. Whatever we experience before the age of 7 sticks like glue in our subconscious. And in my case, that sense of safety and security was compromised. Hence, 40 years later, I began healing issues regarding feeling unsafe and insecure and not worthy all of the time.

When I finally decided it was time to release my father and honor his life path, the feeling of freedom was remarkable. I decided it was time to forgive his choices. They took him on his path, and took me on mine!

I used to believe that this was the most harm that was ever placed on me. Once I was finally able to face that anger, who it was attached to, and found compassion and forgiveness for why it happened, I released it like a balloon into the sky.

And honestly, there was room for forgiving myself for not wanting to see him before he passed. I had a chance to write and tell him I forgave him and he seemed to appreciate that. He visits as his spirit makes up for lost time. I occasionally feel his presence and we talk about what happened. He understands now why I didn’t want to see him and I forgive him for not figuring that out for himself.

As you journey through this life, remember that it is too short and too beautiful to spend time carrying anger around in your body and soul. Not to say don’t get angry! That is a very valid emotion we were obviously given to experience. Simply recognize there is so much more to focus on in this life. The prolonged anger only slows down our soul’s development and pushes the good away.

Time may be the key if you are not ready right now. Consider the more exciting thoughts you would prefer to carry until then.

May you find peace and healing along your path. There really are so many blessings around us to focus on that keep our vibration higher, attracting the goodness the Universe has to offer.

As always, I am available to assist you when you decide to take the healing path to freedom, declaration of self worth, and peace <3. Visit