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Exercising Emotional Health


There is so much talk and truth about the importance of physical health, exercise, and nutrition-the 3-D parts of us. There is an aspect of our bodies that go unnoticed, ignored, pushed way down deep hoping never to be seen again. Emotions, the voice of the heart, do not always have a place in our culture. But they have ended up being very rampant in their physical forms in countries across the world that do not give value to emotional health.

As a cancer survivor, I am here to tell you that those ignored parts of us do not disappear because we have turned our backs on them. When unaddressed, left to spoil while unattended to, an unresolved emotion finds a way to resurface, to get the attention of the soul who has denied it a voice.

Emotions tucked away have the potential to manifest as physical symptoms. Whether we do not have time to address them or risk societal backlash, emotions go unmet while the soul is still longing for recognition of them. Our emotional self is very much a part of the whole self, as significant to our health as the physical.

Negative or ignored emotions remain somewhere in the body, causing an energetic wedge that disrupts the vital flow of life force energy that is keeping us alive, nourishing all our body parts. This obstruction prevents our body from being fully and properly nourished on a physical level. Consider what it feels like when you try to keep from crying-something like a lump in the throat, often causing a pain in the heart and can take your breath away. Think how years and years of suppressing these emotions play havoc on you and your body.

My emotions that I did want to address, sadness and ager around my father leaving when I was little, always feeling like I wasn’t good enough or smart enough or pretty enough, they eventually had had enough of being ignored and unresolved! My body grew tired of trying to function inefficiently with all of the emotional wedges keeping my life force energy from flowing freely and healthy. It finally manifested as a cancer, right in the back of my heart chakra!

It wasn’t over night that I recognized them all. But as I recovered, I committed to retrieving the rest of them. I was quite finished with the idea of having to endure cancer again. Emotional health and healing is not quick or easy, but it can be simple. Self-care is the first step to emotional healing and health. What is self-care? However you feel taking care of ALL aspects of you can be accomplished. It is an easier road when you choose a modality that helps you uncover those unmet needs you have been ignoring, one of them most likely is caring for yourself ;-).

The work I offer as a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Self-Care Mentor is primarily to gently and compassionately guide you through your emotional AND physical healing, together, not separately. Insync Energy healing sessions are designed to assist you with finding which needs and emotions are calling you to acknowledge them. I create a safe and supportive space where we take an intuitive journey to your soul, your heart, and heal what has been holding you back, delaying proper health and happiness.

You can say YES to emotional healing and agree to cross that bridge. If not, you can jog, climb that stairmaster 7 days a week, take your supplements, and eat your veggies but still not reach your ultimate goal or feel fully satisfied. Under the muscles and heart rate and healthy pulse, lies an energetic and emotional heart waiting for its moment in the sun.

Insync Energy sessions can show you how to accomplish this holistic view of healing all aspects of you. Interested in learning how to create a healthy body from the physical you to the outer layers of your aura and soul? Visit and read about my unique and loving alternative to unhealthy emotional stagnation. It is time to heal and shine!

Live or via phone/skype, we can gently uncover those emotions waiting for a chance to speak their voice, be heard, and healed.

In Light and Joy,


What Truly Matters

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When we are in doubt, the times life seems to be the most challenging and unforgiving, there is a surefire way to reconnect to faith and all that truly matters. Nature in all its glory. Sit in on this show and listen to the sights and sounds of Mother Earth and all of creation. The many different songs of the birds, all so distinct, the lone butterfly enjoying nectar from the flowers, the breezes rustling the leaves, and that one beautiful rose blooming in the dead of winter.

All of these signs are a reminder of life, beauty, and sustenance that we have been given to honor, love, and cherish. They are reminders that we are not alone; everything and everyone works in conjunction with everything else.

There is a connectedness throughout all of nature bringing forth cohesive partnerships to uphold the promise of survival on Earth and of the Earth. Infinite Gratitude belongs to all players, big and small, seen and unseen. Together we stand to keep Her alive for we must live out our destiny.

Connecting to Mother Earth brings us back to the reality that the world is bigger than we are but still needs each of us to participate in ways, no matter how tiny a gesture, to protect Her. This gives each of us power and purpose for every breath we breathe into her atmosphere. Now, that is a reason to Live and Rejoice!!!!

If you are interested in discovering how to get started, how to quiet the mind and relax, so you can develop this deeper connection to nature and yourself, please contact me for a free 10 minute consultation:

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a glorious day filled with little miracles :),


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Life University

Have you ever experienced a situation in your life and asked yourself, “What on Earth was that all about? I certainly didn’t deserve that!”?

In American culture, we learn early on that there are many tests and quizzes we have to take in order to move up to the next level, whether it is for school or work. Even as little children we are tested and evaluated. When a baby begins to walk, a mommy will slowly let go to see how many steps he can take before falling, sometimes, flat on his face. As a baby, hopefully, there is not too much thought put into this, and we just stand back up and try again. I am pretty sure that not too many babies would give up at that point, stay there on their bottoms, and try to analyze why mommy would let go or ask why isn’t walking easier since it would create so much more freedom…….

As adults, we spend quite a bit of time asking “why?” and “how come?”.  Life does not come with multiple choice answers either, so even more time is used trying to come up with more than one possible solution, just in case…. Why, do you suppose, people do this to themselves? Besides the fact that American children are so used to having to take tests with definitive answers, we often take circumstances too personally. “Why would she say that to me? How come she has such a great circle of friends? Why do things come so easily for him and he doesn’t even appreciate it? Why isn’t that me? What am I doing wrong? What is the lesson I am supposed to learn from all of this crap?” Hmmmmm.

Life is school. We don’t graduate by a certain date or after so many years at a particular level. Experience and learning are all relative to the individual. It might take a person 20 unhappy break-ups to finally realize she is dating the wrong kind of man. Only then, for this person, can she graduate to a new pool of suitors. For other people, one or two unhealthy relationships are enough to learn this lesson. Time to move onward and upward, girlfriend!

Stressing about the answers to “why?” questions takes our focus off of the moment and removes us from the natural flow of being. The answer, or lesson, doesn’t have to be figured out immediately after the test; there are no grades or time limits per say. Fixated on the “why?” will definitely keep you from actually hearing the answer. Obsession and anxiety will block the solution.

Learning depends solely on the individual. One thing is for sure, the same lesson keeps coming around until we do finally understand its meaning. So, it’s best to accept that there is a lesson to learn but remain in the flow of life, be present in the moment, open and allow, and then feel how easily the answer is revealed to you. Lesson learned! Oh, and remember to breathe!